Rotary International
To make a donation to the International Rotary Foundation or check your giving status, go to  and register for an account.  
Rotary International asks every Rotarian to make a donation of $100 annually to the Rotary Foundation. Your donation goes to global projects to fight disease (polio), promote health, literacy, and education. In addition, funds come back to our local Rotary District in the form of District Grants that can be used on local projects.   It's easy to donate online or sign up to do so monthly.  You can become a Paul Harris Sustaining Member ($100 annually) but giving just $10 a month.
When you reach $1000 in cumulative giving to the Rotary Foundation, you will be come a Paul Harris Fellow (the Founder of Rotary).  For each subsequent $1000 you become a Paul Harris Fellow + i.e. donations of $2000 will make you a Paul Harris Fellow+1.  
Every Rotarian Every Year!