Last week Yolanda Hoffman introduced us to new member, Nick Heinzman.  Nick is the Business Development Director at Ronco Construction.  He was born and raised in Lincoln NE and moved to Omaha in 2019. 
Nick has his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Concordia.   He is single with no children.  Nick also serves on the Ronco gives committee, which is the philanthropic group at Ronco. 
His passions include philanthropic works with various groups in Omaha and Lincoln such as the People’s City Mission, and Project Houseworks.  Nick is an avid gym goer, loves to try and play golf and is getting better.  Prior to Covid he spent a lot of time at the Jocelyn art gallery.  He believes his job is to connect people and help anyone in any way possible.  He would love the opportunity to meet anyone and everyone over lunch, drinks, coffee, or even a zoom!   Welcome, Nick!