Last week Yolanda Hoffman introduced us to new member Julie Sanford.  Julie is the  Development Coordinator for The Set Me Free Project.  The Set Me Free Project is a non-profit that was locally founded and has been operating for 7 years.  Their mission is to "Bring prevention education to youth and families to stop trafficking before it starts."
She was born and raised in Omaha, NE  and three years ago moved to Bennington with her family. Julie is married to Doug Sanford and they have three daughters.   Julie holds a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from UNO and her work background includes 11 years of service to the Sarpy County Sheriffs office as a Deputy Sheriff, and many years in the private security industry specializing in Security Management of schools and churches. 
Julie's passions include a new-found energy toward cooking with whole foods, and revamping her family's eating habits so they can all live healthier with more energy, trying to get rid of all the weeds in her lawn (an ongoing battle), and spending time with her family and making new friends all the time!  
She loves to volunteer and help out the community when time allows.  Welcome, Julie!