Thanks to those Rotarians (and Dwayne Brown for offering his space) who assembled Welcome Packages for families leaving homeless shelters to housing.  This project was sponsored by our club by use of a District Grant (and your generosity to our Foundation).
Please see the thank you letters below that we received:
To whom it may concern, 
I have been working with Heartland Family Service for the last six months to get help stabilizing my life 
and reconnecting with my family.  They were able to quickly find me a suitable apartment but income 
was still a struggle.  I tried applying for jobs but wasn’t having any luck and couldn’t find the right fit.  
During that time I finally had a place to sleep and prepare food but with the lack of income, wasn’t able 
to buy the things I needed for the apartment.  That was when my case manager brought me a move in 
kit that she told me she got from your club.  It had all the tools I needed to prepare food, get a good 
night’s sleep, and focus on finding a job.  Now I am fully employed and able to get the things I need on 
my own.  Without your generous donation I could have fallen back into despair and depression.  Thank 
you so much for the boost I needed to get my life back on track! 
A very grateful person
Generous people, 
My case manger asked me to write something about how much your donations meant to me.  I will start 
by saying that all the help I have received from this community has been amazing.  I am originally from 
Louisiana and I can tell you that the people here in this community are really special.  The kind of help I 
received since arriving here a couple months ago has been truly amazing.  I was connected to a housing 
program through the shelter that I was staying at.  My case manager at Heartland Family Service has 
been amazing.  I went from sleeping under a bridge in Denver to having my own apartment here in 
Omaha in a matter of five months.  Now that I have my own place I have been able to get my health care 
taken care of and my case manager is helping obtain the benefits I need to get by on my own.  When I 
first moved into my apartment I was scared about the responsibility I was taking on and was extremely 
concerned on how I was going to get the things I needed to cook, clean, and live an independent life.  
My case manager brought me one of the move in kits that you amazing people donated and it had 
everything I needed to get a head start and get me by until other benefits kicked in.  Thank you so much 
for the household items I needed and without you amazing people I would probably be sleeping under 
another bridge tonight.  God Bless You All!!! 
A very lucky and thankful person