Omaha West Rotary Club Secretary Report for June 28, 2019: 

This past Friday, we had a great meeting and were joined by a couple of guests.  Jill Slupe brought her mom Bamby Slupe.  And Dick Sturgeon invited Frank Phillips from Aradius Group to join. 

For good news, Starla Waite is going to have her 5th granddaughter.  Manny Paz said that this was his last meeting and wanted everyone to know that he had a great experience and thanked Dick Sturgeon for inviting him to join.  Ric Miller’s son recently finished his first year of grad school at the UNL architectural school.  His son also curated a show at the Joslyn art museum.  Carl Philo recently returned from Jamaica were he celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary.  Elizabeth Hallgren is opening her office on Monday after more than 6 months of planning.  Dick Sturgeon recently celebrated his 38th wedding anniversary and passed the annual review.  Lori Benton’s father recently sold his 1928 Plymouth.  Dick Lerner will be going to Russia, Sweden, and Norway.  Mark Manhart was recently at a “fantastic” jazz club called the Jewell at 10th & Capitol.  Kim Kuhle is hosting a fundraiser on July 3rd at her house to help with the making of a documentary called Remember the Drumstick.  Gail and Irv Veitzer are going to Los Angeles to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of Irv’s friends from high school. 

Nick closed with a joke and wished everyone a good week and happy 4th of July.  Gretchen will be taking over starting the next meeting.  She will do a great job!!