January 11th Meeting at Skinner Magnet Center, 4304 N 33rd St, Omaha, NE 68111
Presiding Officer: Jill Slupe
Secretary: Nick Rosenberry
Chair of the Day: Susan Thomas
Invocator: Greg Key
Cashier: Butch Ethington
Sgt. at Arms: Rodge Bickerstaff
Greeters: Lori Benton
Because Champion’s Run will be closed the first two weeks in January, Omaha West will have lunch at our adopt-a-school partner, Skinner Elementary School on Friday, January 11 at noon.  We will have lunch with some of the children (please sign up for a boxed lunch now) and will then be given a short tour of several of the school’s special places (e.g. library, nurse’s office, technology room, music room, gym).  Please join us to meet some Skinner students and to learn more about the school Omaha West supports in many ways.
Questions, please contact Past President Susan Thomas at (402) 917-8452.