This Week at Rotary February 22nd
Chair of the Day: Kendall Scheer 
Invocator: Shonna Dorsey 
Cashier: Bruce Cramer   
Sgt. at Arms: Dan Lassek 
Greeters:  Dan Ferris and Greg Key 

Jim Reiff
Nebraska Enterprise Fund
Last Week at Rotary
Last week, Past President Jill Slupe and Nick Rosenberry presided over the meeting. Michelle Schrage gave the Invocation and  Anne Fuhrman served as Cashier.  Dick Sturgeon was Sgt. at Arms.  Bob Fell and Dick Lerner served as greeters. We had several announcements and presentations. Michelle Schrage introduced Andee Hoig who talked to us about media in Omaha and how our choice of media consumption can affect our outlook. 
Secretary Nick Rosenberry Report

This past Friday, we had a few visiting Rotarians including soon to be member John Massih, Tim O’Laughlin from Millard, and Larry Johansen from Downtown.  We also had many guests!  Jill Slupe brought Kerry Finnegan.  Starla Waite invited Lisa Kennedy. Ric Miller brought a familiar face, Officer Tony Espejo.  Kari Ketcham invited Emily Mozer.  Suzan Rohrig brought Rachelle DiFonzo.  Bonnie Gill brought was accompanied by Marcelin Hatechekimana.  Michelle Schrage brought Guy Rudloff.  And Matt McKeever was joined by Edward Weniger. 



We had an anonymous donation for last week’s lock box naming rights.  The message welcomed back Steve “new knee” Redler!  

For good news, Mark Manhart, Sr. celebrated their foreign exchange student getting his green card.  Brett Wawers announced that our club, amongst others, packed 24,564 meals last weekend. And Mark Ellsworth wanted to give a big plug for the “Honoring President Lincoln” event.   

Nick ended with a joke and wished everyone a good week. 

Paul Harris Recognition 
Last week Bonnie Gill recognized Martie Cordaro as a Paul Harris Fellow+1 for his donations of $2000 to the Intl. Rotary Foundation. She also recognized Dwayne Brown as a Paul Harris Fellow+2 for his donations of $3000 to the Foundation.  Dwayne also  made his daughter Maryssa Brown a Paul Harris Fellow as well. Congratulations and thank you to all of you!
Check Presentation
Last week, Ric Miller presented P.A.C.E. representative Tony Espejo with a check for $1740 in proceeds from the Bloody Mary Jazz Fest in support of athletic programs for disadvantaged youth. Thank you to all who supported this event!
Lincoln Event 
Thanks to all who attended the Lincoln Event last week.   A special thanks to Jim Greiner and Kim Kuhle for organizing.  
Little Library Progress 
Thanks to all those who helped with the Little Library building at Mark Manhart's a couple of weeks ago. We continue to work on this project with a combined District Grant and West Rotary Foundation funds.  Volunteers are needed to build libraries the next 2 Saturdays in Council Bluffs. Sign up at Friday's meeting or email to sign up. 
Officer Elections 
Last week at the meeting, JR Kammandal moved to accept the slate of officers from the nominating committee:  The three nominees for Board of Directors are Tim Neal, Andy Shim, and Luke McNeese. President-Nominee is Dwayne Brown.  Mark Ellsworth seconded. Motion passed.
Congratulations to all! 
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Club Vision Statement
We are a service organization with projects that support education and building understanding locally, nationally and globally.
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Please note changes to the SW Rotary Night Club:

We are now known as the Omaha Rotary Night Club! Our meeting time has also changed, we now meet the first, third, and fifth Tuesdays of the month at 5:30 pm at DJ's Dugout at 176th & Q.  Starting April 2, 2019, we will be changing all future meetings to Vincenzo's, 15701 Pacific St.

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BELLEVUE 12:00 PM (DJ's Dugout, 10308 S. 23rd St.)
MILLARD 12:00 PM (German American Society, 3717 South 120th Street) 

MORNING 7:00 AM (Happy Hollow Country Club, 1701 S. 105th St.)    

NORTHWEST 12:00 PM (Jerico's, 11732 W Dodge Rd, Omaha, NE 68154)

OMAHA NIGHT 5:30 PM on first, third, and fifth Tuesdays of the month (DJ's Dugout at 17666 Welch Plaza, northeast corner of 180th & Q streets) 

COUNCIL BLUFFS CENTENNIAL 1st Wed 7:00 AM; 3rd Wed floating event; no meeting other weeks (Hy-Vee in Mall of the Bluffs, I-80 Exit 5)
DOWNTOWN 12:00 PM (Field Club, 3615 Woolworth Ave.)

COUNCIL BLUFFS NOON 12:00 PM (The Center, 714 S. Main St.)  

SUBURBAN  12:00 PM (Anthony's, 7220 F St.)   

WESTERN DOUGLAS COUNTY 7:00 AM (Elkhorn Common Ground Community Center, 1701 Veteran's Drive)

WEST 12:00 PM (Champions Run, 13800 Eagle Run Drive) 


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