Pam Spacarotella, Owner of LGT Transport
September 22, 2017
LGT Transport is a trucking company specializing in nationwide transport of cyrogenic product.  Pam Spacarotella is its owner, and this company was chosen as the 2nd Congressional District’s top small business for 2015 by the SBA based on its history as an established business, growth in number of employees, increase in sales and unit volume, response to adversity and innovation in products and services offered.  LGT started with a fleet of five cryogenic steel trainers and a single office in Omaha in 2013; two years later, the company operates more than 40 self-contained trucks for steel cryogenic, aluminum nitrogen, aluminum argon and carbon dioxide operations from locations in Nebraska, Ohio, Texas and California.  This, Spacarotella notes, despite being turned down by more than 10 banks to finance the business, and competing for customers against larger, more established firms.  Moreover, LGT's revenues more than doubled and net income quadrupled from 2013 to 2014.   Spacarotella, an Air Force veteran, also is active in the community, including participation in Omaha "Ten's" networking and support group for women entrepreneurs.