Ryan Whitt, "Being CyberSafe",  Jul 21, 2017

Ryan Whitt's career has carried him across many functional lines of risk management, payment solutions, bank services and investment management.  Over this time, he learned valuable lessons and insights into developing and marketing systems and services to the financial services industry.  He currently serves as Director of VBOverified, which offers B2B services to non profit organizations, small and large companies and contracts with state and federal agencies to provide pre-employment and volunteer screening, tenant search services for rental property, and professional services including business due diligence for merger and acquisition activity, insurance benefit cost offset and other services.

Being CyberSafe is a 21st century skill that adults and kids, professionals of all stripes, homemakers, college students, retirees and casual web surfers all need.  As the world grows increasingly complex, online, and connected between machines / things and people, those who would make our identities and online information unsafe are active and resourceful.  Each of us needs to be vigilant and resourceful in maintaining our online safety.  Come hear this engaging speaker on a very current and important topic!